South Africa Needs Our Lady

Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary      by spreading the Fatima message

Centennial Public Square Rosary Crusade 14 October 2017


Congratulations to all our Rally Captains!  There is so much we can do to help bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – prophesised at Fatima… The fate of South Africa, in some respects, rests with all of us. The answer to our massive problems is grace. Grace is obtained by the faithful offering of prayers and sacrifices, asking Our Lord through the intercession of Our Lady to grant graces. The greater the sacrifice offered by the faithful, the greater the graces that will eventually lead to the conversion of our country!  It is our hope that through our continued interaction and efforts, we will all come ever closer to Our Lady and that it will inspire us all to fight more valiantly for her Triumph.

Please help us to keep up the momentum and equal, or even better 2017’s magnificent response and blanket our country on 13 October 2018 with hundreds of Rosary Rallies  – beseeching God’s Mercy on our land and its people. 

Hre are some ofthe comments we received back from the rosary Rally Captains:

  • For the first time organising the rosary rally it became successful. Thanks to your prayers.  A group of bible course participants  from different parishes walked out of the lecture class towards the R101 road  between Mokopane  and Mookgopong in a scorching hot  sun praying the rosary. 33 people attended the rally including our  bible course Lecturer Fr S and Sr B. What was striking is that passersby motorist recognised us by  hooting  even if they did not stop. We prayed the rosary earnestly with our fellow South Africans.  It was a moving and fulfilling experience .The love and peace  of Our Blessed  Mother was felt. We ended the rosary rally at the Marian Rosary  Park. JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH WE LOVE YOU SAVE SOULS. GC
  • I am please to tell you that we hosted the  Rosary Crusade here at Khubetsoana Maseru, Lesotho and it was blessed by 39 participants. We have also recruited number of  Captains, Glory to Our Almighty God. We are intending to gather together every month and do Rosary, every Saturday following the 13th.  More captains will be recruited throughout Lesotho by this intention. We hope our efforts to make Mary Our Mother known are acceptable. Thank you BF
  • The rosary rally was perfectly fine on the 14 of October. We held it outside Unika primary school at the corner of 
    the street. Just the few people attend as there were so many rallies around my area in Blairgowrie. Everyone was so excited and we planning to do another public prayer second week of November at 12noon. God bless. AM
  • Our prayer day on the 14th of October. Hexagon square where we prayed for all the social ills that affect the whole country like family disorganization, abuse of the vulnerable children, women, youth, abuse of substances. Brutal killing of women, rape and corruption. Build up Rosary sessions by Queenstown St.Theresa Mission.

  • Below are some of the pictures sent in by the Rosary Rally Captains of the 14 October 2017 Rosary Crusade

More than 750 Rosary Rallies were held all over South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda on 14 October 2017, the Centennial of the Miracle o the Sun during the 6th apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917.